Nye Thompson - INSULAE

Nye Thompson - INSULAE

Nye Thompson - INSULAE

INSULAE by Nye Thompson

The Barbican Centre, London, UK

23 Feb — 5 May 2019

Nye Thompson was selected from a shortlist of Lumen Prize artists to produce a new piece of work for the Barbican Centre’s 2019 programme, ‘Life Rewired’. This artwork was produced in collaboration with the Barbican Centre’s ‘Level G’ programme.

The title INSULAE is Latin for “to or of the island” and this Latin word is also the root for the word “insular”.

Flying low over digitally-rendered waves, Nye Thompson’s video installation INSULAE (Of the Island) contemplates the impact of island geography on national identity in a perpetually looping virtual tour of the waters just off the British mainland. With the ocean as a metaphorical buffer between the UK and the rest of the world, we are taken on a lonely journey patrolling our borders.

You can see this newly commissioned artwork from 23rd February to 5th May in the Barbican Centre, UK. To find the artwork in the Barbican, please ask a member of staff.

Projectors provided by Christie UK.

Nye Thompson explores the changing notion of what it is to be human in a digital age. Thompson uses technology to investigate the social and psychological impact of living in a world of evolving machines and meta-connectivity.