Thijs Biersteker - Voice of Nature

Gibson / Martelli - Star Gods, Moon Rabbits

Stefan Reiss - O.T. 981: Transformation of the Kite

Lien-Cheng Wang - 蜀道四象 The four scenes of Shudao

Light Up Bashu

Intangible Culture Heritage Park, Chengdu, China

3 November — 3 December 2018

Lumen Art Projects’ first outdoor exhibition ran for one month, from 3 November to 3 December 2018.

The project commissioner of Light Up Bashu, Chengdu XingGuangHua City Construction Co Ltd, chose Lumen Art Projects as their partner for the first project in Chengdu’s International Intangible Cultural Heritage Creative Industry Park.

Produced by our Asia representative, Gigi Guan, the exhibition marked our third major project in China. Lumen commissioned four artists to create large interactive artworks that took inspiration from Chengdu region’s culture.


Stefan Reiss (Germany), a 2016 Lumen Prize finalist
in collaboration with Alexander Janke

O.T. 981: Transformation of the Kite
A projection-mapping project which turns the traditional Chinese kite inside out. The artist was inspired by the kite as it is a traditional, Chinese invention, now used universally.

Lien-Cheng Wang (Taiwan), 2017 Lumen Prize 3D Interactive Winner

蜀道四象 The four scenes of Shudao
A kinetic lighting sculpture allowing the viewer to see many paper-cut sculptures, symbolising the vitality of Sichuan.

Gibson / Martelli (UK), 2015 Lumen Gold Award winner
with Tom Chambers (Random Quark), David Surman, Ian Gouldstone

Star Gods, Moon Rabbits
An interactive work using moving image and large-scale screens, drawing on the ancient dramatic art of face-changing to create giant faces with multiple layers and personalities, a homage to Sichuan Bianlian mask opera.

Thijs Biersteker (The Netherlands), 2017 Lumen Gold Award winner
With Jurriaan Hos, Mickey van Olst, Bas van Oele and Sophie de Krom.

Voice of Nature
Voice of Nature visualises the state of being of a tree by using real-time data in order to talk about the urgency of climate change in a way that’s undeniable.