How We Work

Lumen Art Projects specialises in the curation, production, installation and maintenance of complex art and technology-based artworks and exhibitions. Our staff have a decade of experience in this field and are able to advise or collaborate with you to make your project a success.

Our Approach

Art & Technology-Led

We take pride in the transformative effect that art and technology can have on audiences.

Audience Development

Through workshops, artist talks, and masterclasses, we want to inspire audiences to use technology creatively.

Collaborative & Inclusive

We've built lasting partnerships with organizations of all sizes to create projects that suit their needs.


We have developed three exhibition concepts. We are happy to advise on complementary events, such as workshops and seminars, to take place in or alongside your exhibition. If you would like to add a digital layer or develop art and technology events to complement a permanent display, we can work with you to achieve this.

Interactive and immersive

Aimed at all ages, investigating new technology through interactive artworks, alongside coding workshops and community engagement.

Big data, AI and robotics

Artworks, artist talks and/or seminars that explore privacy, surveillance, data profiling and its impact on our lives.

Our changing planet

Looking to the future of our planet and our place in it, through the eyes of artists who use technology to highlight issues, concerns and possible solutions.


We work with museums and cultural centres to reach new audiences. Our experience means we can create an open and inspiring commissioning brief. Using our extensive artist network we can match the right artists to the brief and receive exciting proposals. Once the brief is agreed, we work with the artist to ensure the commission is delivered on time and to budget.

'Light Up Bashu', Chengdu

'Light Up Bashu' ran for three weeks in November 2018, bringing four large interactive artworks by Lumen artists to an open-air park outside Chengdu, China. Over 50,000 visitors experienced these artworks. Produced in partnership with Here Your Art.

'Level G' at the Barbican Centre

Our partnership with the Barbican Centre's 'Level G' programme in 2018 brought a two-storey public space to life. The bespoke animation intrigued and delighted audiences throughout its seven-month run.


One of the biggest barriers to installing art created with technology is fear of the technology itself, and the constant worry about what can go wrong. Using our 'always on' approach to installation, we can design one or a series of workshops for your curatorial staff on how to manage the latest technology without stress or worry and, most importantly, keep to a budget.


We are able to offer a range of workshops that educate and inspire audiences to get involved and learn about art and technology. These workshops are hosted by artists and cover a range of media and produce varied outcomes for different age ranges.


Specialising in the curation, production, installation and maintenance of complex art and technology-based exhibitions. Our staff have years of experience in this field and are able to advise or collaborate to make your project a success.

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